Tuesday 25 October 2011

Zhu's Oldhammer Contract

Inside: Dwarfs in the Jungle!

In other news, I've being playing too much Blood Bowl lately. FUMBBL, the free online Blood Bowl website, is an excellent way of getting a Blood Bowl fix when the logistics of arranging a tabletop game are eating away the fixture list. Anyone else on FUMBBL?


  1. There is no such thing as too much Blood Bowl - but if you insist on continuing to play by yourself you might go blind...

  2. I love Blood Bowl and until I picked up the Nintendo DS version I was on FUMBBL quite a bit in lieu of face-to-face play. I don't know if my account is still active; I'll check when I get home from work.

  3. The great thing about FUMBBL is that you're not playing by yourself, which produces a completely different gaming experience to playing Blood Bowl on the Xbox 360. I get a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of winning and am far more accepting of defeat. Playing a computer game you expect (and often get) a carefully tailored learning curve that ensures that winning is expected and losing is uncommon. That, and the fact that losing is 'unnecessary' in a game vs the computer - there is no-one else who is trying to enjoy the game, produces a much more authentic experience.

    My Orcs, Stick City, have been on the end of a couple of hammerings - 'Horns' makes Chaos teams very difficult to stop, and Dwarfs... Dwarfs...

    In my last game against a Chaos team I ended up with 2 players on the pitch. Mind you, I have done over an Underworld team and crushed some Elves!

    Come join my Halflings in the Albion Corinthian League!

  4. Hey - thanks for the support and linkage!