Friday 15 February 2019

New (or 'new') Blood Sword

I'm a tremendous fan of the world of Legend - the setting for both the Dragon Warriors RPG (seriously, grab the pdf of the core rules - it is PWYW, so get it free, read the setting material, and then come back and pay for it - or buy the PoD) and the Blood Sword gamebooks. So I was pleased to see that Dave Morris is Kickstarting a new edition of book five of the Blood Sword series 'The Walls of Spyte'. As Dave says on his blog:

Importantly, it *is* a new, improved edition of the book; Dave Morris describes his dissatisfaction with the original version here. Now, I'm not one for hardback gamebooks - though this is very tempting, and I would love to see this project hit its stretch goal of £6000 which is an omnibus edition of the Blood Sword gamebooks using something more akin to the system in the Fabled Lands books.    

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  1. I’m keen to see this come to pass. Bloodsword was a favourite growing up.