Monday, 1 April 2013

Not Dead...

...just resting.

That's what actors call unemployment, isn't it? Resting. Well, as of today, I'm a resting academic. So the past few weeks have been pretty busy, as I make sure that all my affairs are in order, and I do a whole heap of consultancy work - shuttling up and down the country - to give myself a nice little redundancy bonus. So there hasn't been a whole heap of gaming, or miniature painting going on. 

That said, since the last update, we have played Dungeon Crawl Classics again, with one group delving deeper into the underworld beneath the Castle of Gaskell the Black (built on the template of the Lost City) where they encountered the Maidens of Symmetry, and another group mincing up some 0-level PCs as they experienced the 'funnel' adventure in the DCC RPG rulebook. I've painted up some Mantic Squats - no, sorry 'Forgefathers' - as I bought the Warpath starter box for less that £25. And I've made a start on the RTB01 'beaky' Space Marines that I plan to deploy on Oldhammer Day. Boy, are they little bastards to put together!

More later. In the meantime:


  1. It's healthy to have a rest every now and again. Have you thought about collecting a few extra pennies by converting some of your materials to pdfs? You could publish them through RPGNow for example.

  2. Yes, though I doubt that money could be the main motivator. Plus, I'd want to put out something worth reading - never mind buying - so I'd actually devote a lot of time to it.

    Which, unless some dice roll my way over the next few months, is exactly what I have in abundance!