Sunday 21 July 2013

Blood Bowl Holiday Project

A modest holiday - just over a week at my parents - gives me the best opportunity of the year to do some sustained painting. Baby sitting, innit. So my project is to paint up at least one Blood Bowl team. I thought  would start with the plastics that came in the 3rd edition box, and opted to begin with the Orcs. Deciding that I'd use classic Blood Bowl colour schemes (which in my mind has morphed into a much longer term project of painting up all the classic Blood Bowl teams!) and it was a coin toss between the Orcland Raiders and the Gouged Eye. The Gouged Eye won, so here we go...

Step one, undercoat in green...

Base coats and few skin highlighting...

Not bad for a test model. Hopefully I will speed up as I paint up his teammates. I was quite pleased with the 'gouged eye' symbol and the half-arsed non-metallic metal on his helmet and shoulder pad.

And now for some sad news: there are very few Blood Bowl miniatures left on the Games Workshop website. To be reborn in Finecast? I dunno - but there are other manufacturers, and there is always eBay.


  1. Apparently the whole specialist games miniatures range is deader than disco. Watch out for a limited edition boxed set of Blood Bowl some time in the next year or three. Nice work btw.

  2. good work you can find much better figures out there that GW which are not being produced anymore.
    Peace James

    1. That's very true, a site called Comixininos gathers a lot of good fantasy football sculpts in one place.

  3. There is also Impact Miniatures, whose site collects a lot of the same figures, but appears to be based in the UK.