Thursday 4 April 2019

Products of Your Imagination


Imagine that I had £80-£100 to spend on RPG books. Imagine that Runequest: Glorantha was oh so tempting.

But imagine.

Imagine that I own Heroquest: Glorantha.

Imagine that I also already owned Runequest. Runequests! Runequest 2. Runequest 3. Mongoose Runequest II. Runequest 6.

Imagine that I haven't played any of these Runequests in ages, and that when I have played d100 fantasy in the past few years it has been using OpenQuest and Magic World.

Imagine that this is a symptom of my changing tastes when it comes to the kind of games that I run. That I want to run. That I can *imagine* successfully running.

Imagine if you could sum this developing taste up as 'relatively rules-lite, mostly traditional, but curious about games such as Heroquest, Fate, PDQ etc.' Imagine that my preferred campaign mode is some kind of sandbox play.

Now, imagine that you share these tastes. How you would spend this money - even just some of this money - on RPGs to avoid adding another Runequest to your shelves, and please let me know.


  1. Just finished an OpenQuest campaign, so might qualify. I’ve got good value from In Darkest Warrens by the The Trollish Delver. Seemingly, his Perilous Land will be published by Osprey. Warbeasts & Wyrms for SWADE: pre-Columban America written by native American gamers. I seem to be in the small minority that own and dislike RQG.

    1. Perilous Land announced by Osprey at £20 RRP.


    2. I think it is great that Romance of the Perilous Land is being published by Osprey - a really interesting development in the RPG publishing and distribution (hopefully we'll see a copy on the Osprey spinner-racks in bookshops).

  2. Also tempted by RuneQuest Glorantha.... but: BRP has been my go to system since it came out, and I have RuneQuest 3 (Deluxe), and I adore the system but have little interest in Glorantha, preferring to create my own worlds in any case. And the new RQ rules aren't particularly streamlined, but rather a throwback to RuneQuest 2 (which I also have). So, I've forgone RQ:G. Purchased the new Warhammer FRP (Fourth ed.) because that's something with a different tone that I can mine for ideas and settings. Looking closely at some of the classic RuneQuest 3 adventures not to play in Glorantha but also to develop ideas for adventures. Eyeing AFF on the shelf or even going back to Magic World for a system.

  3. Personally, I spent £0.79 to buy Legend, which is Mongoose's setting free RQii update. Then I can plug my own setting (or any other setting of choice) into this.