Friday, 22 January 2016

The Cave of the Spider God

13. The Cave of the Spider God

The Cave of the Spider God is an obscene sight. The stone face of the cliff has been carved and crudely painted so that the mouth of the cave appears to be an egg laid by a spider drawn from a child’s nightmare. The cocooned, dessicated husks of men and beasts litter the ground. As the Adventurers approach one of these cocoons will burst and tens of immature GIANT SPIDERS will vomit forth from their first feast, scuttling away into the undergrowth.

A chanting can be heard coming from within. 

The working map. The numbers don't match the locations on my working document, because I like making things difficult.

The Adventurers explored the forest a little further, pushing to the Shiver Water in the south before following the well-trodden path from the 'hatchery'. There they found the entrance to the Cave of the Spider God.

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