Saturday, 2 January 2016

Fighting Fantasy books going cheap...

Or free, even.

I've 'just' moved house. A modest 'international' move. From Wales to Yorkshire. The actual move started in the summer but we only moved into our new house in November, and for a number of reasons, not least of which I still work most weeks back in Wales, we've only just got round to unpacking some of our boxes. Including those containing my Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

Now, I have a few duplicates, having slowly but surely added to my original collection and replaced (and replaced again) the tattier books as I buy 'job lots' from eBays, car boots, charity shops, etc. Being a rather unhealthy collector, I keep one of each cover variant - so for example I have 4 copies of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain on my shelf (plus Brett Schofield's adaptation to AFF2e). But even so, I have a few I'd like to pass on to a good home. And I'm guessing that the people reading my blog, or visiting here from Google+, are more likely to give these books a good home than the average Doncaster charity shop.

See here are what I have on offer.

[a] FF#4 Starship Traveller (Original Cover - pre-green spine) in fairly solid shape.

[b] FF#4 Starship Traveller (Original Cover - pre-green spine) a few creases on the cover but in otherwise good shape.

[c] FF#4 Starship Traveller (Jagged Green) with a some quite visible creases on the cover near the spine. OFFERED REFUGE

[d] FF#8 Scorpion Swamp (Gold Dragon) in pretty tatty shape. REHOMED

[e] FF#11 Talisman of Death (Jagged Green) solid condition, though quite yellowed pages. REHOMED

[f] FF#11 Talisman of Death (Gold Dragon) creases on the cover, but solid.

[g] FF#13 Freeway Fighter (Jagged Green) superficially tatty cover. ADOPTED

[h] FF#14 Temple of Terror (Jagged Green) a few creases on the cover. CLAIMED

[i] FF#14 Temple of Terror (Jagged Green) a really quite tatty cover.

[j] FF#15 The Rings of Kether (Jagged Green) solid, a few creases, not too yellowed. [REHOUSED]

[k] FF#17 Appointment with FEAR (Jagged Green) fairly solid shape, though a sharp crease on cover next to spine.

[l] FF#18 Rebel Planet (Jagged Green) a bit warped, superficially creased cover.

[m] FF#18 Rebel Planet (Jagged Green) solid shape though a prominent crease on the cover. ADOPTED

[n] FF#19 Demons of the Deep (Jagged Green) pretty tatty cover, but solid all the same. CLAIMED

[o] FF#25 Beneath Nightmare Castle (Gold Dragon) tatty cover with a bit of pen on it. REHOUSED

[p] FF#35 Daggers of Darkness (Gold Dragon) some creases on the cover, but none which obscure the coolest man on Titan! REHOUSED

[q] Wizard Books # 14 Armies of Death in very tatty shape, with some red ink having leaked onto the corners of the first three of so pages. Perfectly playable, with no loose pages.

[r] Wizard Books #28 Spellbreaker in as close to new condition as an unread second hand book can be. ADOPTED

And I also have a duplicate Lone Wold #4 The Chasm of Doom, with the original Sparrow Books Gary Chalk cover. Lovely, in pretty good condition. CLAIMED

THE OFFER: If you are in the UK, and want (or even need) one or more of these books, and promise to give them a good home, just get in touch on here or on Google+ and I'll post it to you. First come, first served, I'm afraid. But remember, a gamebook is for life, not just for Christmas!


  1. I'd love to finally finish the Lone Wolf adventures as I have the first three but have never come across a copy of the last one.

    1. Do you want me to send you The Chasm of Doom?

      Incidentally, did you know that many (all?) of the Lone Wolf adventures are available on the web at Project Aon:

    2. Yes please! Didn't know about the website, will take a look.

  2. Could I possibly have Temple of Terror and Demons of the Deep?

    1. Yes, sure. Are you on Google+? You could send me your address on there.

  3. Hello Dr! I can give a copy of Starship Traveller a loving home - any copy is fine but the green strip one preferred. I'm not on Google+ though...

    1. I'll reserve it for you. You'll need to send me your address. Try aj_bartlett1977 at yahoo dot co dot uk... if I can just remember the password!

  4. My girlfriend and I have recently started to play these again. I would gratefully receive any of these books. How much are you wanting for them?