Sunday 12 March 2017

Behold! Treasure

For a while now I've looked for fantasy coins that I can use in my games. In games such as WFRP, where those pennies matter, I figured it'd be a bit easier if the players could just hand over the coins, rather than fiddle around rubbing out numbers on their character sheet. For a long time, I couldn't find any that were cheap enough.

I got these from the 'SuntekStore'. No, this is not an advertorial, but it wouldn't be much use as a post if I didn't actually tell you where I'd got these from. In truth, they're not much use for D&D, in which characters are regularly carrying around more than 100 coins - these come in packs of 100 - but for games such as WFRP, or Advanced Fighting Fantasy, or for many other flavours of fantasy in which fortunes aren't measured in tens of thousands of pieces of gold, these will be very useful.

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