Saturday 19 February 2011

Random Monster Bashing

Ever feel the need for some old-style room-to-room random monster bashing? Populate your dungeons using the Wizards of the Coast Random Dungeon Generator (warning - post TSR D&D within!). Okay, it produces a dis-integrated dungeon, and the adventure 'hooks' are laughably generic and have nothing to do with the way the dungeon has been populated, given that you can click up a series of dungeons in the space of a few minutes, I think it might be an interesting way of throwing together some ideas for a few level-specific small-scale ruined temples and 'haunted' tombs; a wilderness random encounter with a little bit more 'oomph'.

Of course, you could just use the random monster tables from the Basic and Expert sets, a handful of stock temple/cave/barrow/manorhouse maps, and a bit of DM judgement . You know, do things the proper way.

Holmes' Wandering Monster Table

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