Friday, 20 April 2012

Hope for the Future

As I watch the Tories try to turn Britain into a crueller, less equal, more brutal country, I am often depressed. And, worse, everyone these days thinks 'roleplaying games' are World of bloody Warcraft, or Skyrim, or any computer game with a levelling system and inventory management. But there is hope for the future! Yesterday, as I opened [one of] my gaming cupboards, my two year old daughter screamed, 'Dungeons and Dragons', and danced about literally shaking with excitement.

She means my big bag of dice (AKA choking hazards), not the rows and rows of vintage RPG books. But she loves to roll dice, and that's a start.


  1. Awesome.
    I was just about to moan on my own blog about RPG terms confusion and how people keep referring me to strategy based card games. Other, non-players, here (in UK) seem to only know about Warhammer. This makes me want to dig further underground, deepen the geek bunker. Reading your post, I'm probably just depressed about the world in general (Tories etc)and that I must cherish the games I alreday own! :)
    Don't let her eat the dice!