Thursday 26 July 2012


I've recently gone in on a few Indiegogo campaigns. I went in on James Raggi's Lamentations of the Flame Princess hardcover campaign, which was funded along with one stretch goal. However, by the appearences of Raggi's next campaign, he's failed his Sanity check. 19 inter-related campaigns, each needing $6,000 of funding to run, but with the perks for big pledges dependant on other campaigns being funded (i.e. pledge $20 for the print+pdf copy of the adventure = no risk // pledge $100 for the print+pdf of this adventure and up to five others = $120 of books, maximum, but very likely much less). Crazy. Nevertheless, it looks like some will fund, with Jeff Rients' Broodmother Sky Fortress currently just shy of the $6,000 mark.

Award-winning (it counts, doesn't it?) adventure designer Kelvin Green has an adventure in the crazy campaign - Horror Among Thieves. I've contributed to this campaign. And, remember, James Raggi has failed his Sanity check, so:

There's just 6 days to go on these campaigns.

But that's not all. Graeme Bottley, re-animator of Advanced Fighting Fantasy, has an Indiegogo campaign running, to fund not only the republication of the classic Blacksand book, but its expansion. With just a $3,000 target, and well over a month remaining, this looks like it is almost certain to meet its target. Now, I've gone for the softcover, but if you're a fan of big beautiful books, higher contribution levels might well get you something special.

And finally, the Indiegogo campaign for OpenQuest Remastered / OpenQuest 2 will go live very soon. Another campaign well worth funding.


  1. I can't help wondering just how much loose change the OSR has in its pockets, given the number of kickstarters that are lined up outside the door with their bowls outstretched. Perhaps George Osborne should start up a British Economy kickstarter (oh, wait a minute...)

  2. I hope it counts! It's probably a more relevant award than my Blue Peter badge, anyway!

    Thank you, Doctor!

  3. Yes, but who is doing the art on the British Economy Kickstarter? Kelvin, I heard you've recently drawn some zombifisting, so you might be up to the level of grotesquery.

  4. The OpenQuest indiegogo campaign is now up, and the Red Box Games miniature kickstarter is very tempting. Do you think that the government will bail me out? At about 14 stone, am I 'too big to fail'?