Friday 6 July 2012

Tomorrow Night's Game?

More Labyrinth Lord/Classic D&D? Lamentations of the Flame Princess? Crypts and Things? Dragon Warriors? WFRP1e? OpenQuest/(with unfinished Hammerstein! adaptations)? Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e? 

And which off the shelf scenario? I've got most everything for Dragon Warriors and WFRP1e (not a boast, more a lament to the great unplayed). I've got a lot of A/D&D stuff. Or something from the One Page Dungeon contests? A 1st level (or equivalent) adventure, with interesting NPCs/locations, suitable for an evening's play (not everything need be completed, but the evening's play should be satisfying in itself)... 

We'll be generating characters on the night, and I'm hoping to use the game to grab a couple of new (new to RPGs) players. Which is why I've still not decided on the system and adventure - the response I want is, 'when can we play again?' Any tips, my minuscule readership? Advise me on my bedtime reading.

[UPDATE 8th July: Well, I went with Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Tower of the Stargazer. Three players, six characters, two survivors, and that was after 'backsies' (it was just a one-off, after all) when the entire party was wiped out. Good fun.]

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