Thursday 30 October 2014

Can I join the band?

I've had Dungeon Crawl Classics DCC RPG for a while now, and In the past I have run the funnel The Portal Under the Stars as well as a few levels of B4 The Lost City converted to DCC RPG. I hadn't looked at it in ages though. I could never find affordable 'weird' dice to complete the 'dice chain', which is an important part of DCC RPG. Simulating the weird dice using the 'standard' weird dice didn't quite click, but now I have these (pretty hefty) things I'm up for giving it another go. Especially as there are a few things about DCC RPG that scratch particular itches for me - but that is the subject of another post. This is simple dice porn. 


  1. I also have the DCC source book at the moment, and I love it! I would love to play a few adventures with it at some point. I also like the idea that character creation is essentially determined by playing an adventure to work out which ones survive.

    1. Stuart, I think you'd really like the DCC RPG adventures. They really give me a Fighting Fantasy vibe, especially as even low level characters are doing something significant - there's no fighting bandits or routing a Goblin warband, its all scaling the Citadel of Chaos style action!

      (Bit late, I've been away)