Tuesday 12 July 2011

The Fellowship of the Grim

The party assembles.

Well, we've played two sessions of The Enemy Within, with another lined up for tonight. The party are just about to enter the tunnels of Bogenhafen. Don't worry too much about spoilers, none of my players read my blog. If any of you do, exercise care. That, or understand the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge.

From left to right we have: Stanley (an adopted human name) (played by S), a flamboyant, camp Elf, who makes his living reading fortunes in leaves but has a sneeringly patronising attitude to the uncultured Humans, Olaf the Herdsman (played by C), a strapping 20 year old looking for adventure; Susi Narbe (played by D), a small (5'1"), hard woman in her late twenties with a scar on her face; , and Axel (played by A), a big brute of a young man with a serious taste for violence.

Only Stanley is literate (I don't think my players realised how important skills such as that are in WFRP), and Axel is, by some margin, the most competent in combat. Axel has already killed two men in unarmed combat - including Adolfus the bounty hunter, who was punched to stun, but a succession of exploding 6s left him facing a massive critical. Which was lucky for me, as the party were determined to take Adolfus alive. Quite what they would have done with a tight-lipped bounty hunter I'm not so sure. Their NPC friend Josef wouldn't be keen on having a prisoner on his boat, much less for him to be tortured there, and the party needed to get out of Weissbruck after a dramatic fight involving much fumbling of burning oil.

Once upon a time... I'd have been bothered about the difference in scale, with most of that group Ral Partha / early Citadel 25mm scale, with Axel represented by a heroic-scale 28mm Mordheim figure. And I messed up painting his eyes. Now, well, I think I have a much healthier attitude. Again, if anyone can put catalogue / manufacturer / year to these figures, I'd be grateful. I'll be exploring Site of Legends myself - I'm not asking anyone to do my research, just to let me know if they recognise these figures at a glance.


  1. The elf with a staff and the lady with the cloak and dagger are from the Citadel 1983 Dungeon Adventurers Boxed set, and a couple of the Gobbos (the one holding the club with his hand on his hip, and the one holding his head) are from the Lead Belcher.

    Nice minis!

  2. Cheers. The photo doesn't do them justice, I have to say.

    Checking the link, I notice that I also have the hammer wielding 'wizard', the mule, and the dwarf from that set. I'll have to get them painted up and reunite the party. And from the Lead Belcher picture, it looks like I have 4 of the 5 crew. The Goblin with the torch and the nearest Goblin to the camera also seem to be from that set.

  3. "And I messed up painting his eyes. Now, well, I think I have a much healthier attitude."

    I still went back and repainted his eyes.