Friday 27 April 2018

...other than fantasy

Not posted for a while. Not done all that much gaming, to be honest. Not much roleplaying, not much boardgaming, not even any significant computer gaming. Been a bit busy.

But after I play rugby at Twickenham next Sunday (National Senior Vase final, Sunday 6th May, k/o 1pm [live on Freesports, Sky ch424, BT/Freeview ch95] and the rugby season is done for a couple of monthse launching a new campaign. But I'm going to shy away from my comfort zone of fantasy (whether D&D/OSR, AFF, d100/BRP, or WFRP) and run games in some other genres. Perhaps even using some other systems!

Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Horror... all of which require different Refereeing styles and habits than my usual location-based sandbox-ey fall-back. I might make a right hash of it, but it is that worry that always has me falling back on a very familiar style of game, regardless of system. I'm not jaded - I still love classic fantasy RPGs, but I want to stretch myself.