Wednesday 13 March 2013

Oldhammer 40K Marine Squad, part one.

In preparation for this Coop's Rogue Trader Space Marine tactical squad free-for-all at this summer's Oldhammer Day being hosted by Foundry Miniatures, I thought I'd scour eBay for some 'beakie' Marines. I had considered using the something else - even thinking of assembling a bargain squad using the miniatures from Space Crusade, but I figured, 'hey, it's just 10 miniatures, I'll pay a little to get the 'right' models. So I run a few searches, watch a few auctions, and I manage to pick up 4 sprues - enough to make 8 Space Marines - of 1991 vintage plastic while at the same time defying the trader-inflated prices for old gaming material. Earlier in the week I had missed out on a Bugman's Cart that went for £11 (it was hidden in a bunch of other unidentified stuff), all because I was having a conversation with my wife and so forgot to 'snipe'. Priorities, man! So winning these was a nice way to get my Oldhammer 40K Space Marine 'warband' up and running.

And for £5.50! £5.50! All I need now is a vintage metal Captain and Heavy Weapon Marine and I've got a squad, probably for about £10. Vintage gaming is budget gaming!