Saturday 27 August 2016

A player's view of Kakabad

In lieu of a post about contemporary gaming, what with the sunny weather, afternoons in the pub, and the odd barbecue - and for anyone not in the UK, we get so few really sunny days these must be seized upon - I thought I'd dig out some old player maps and let you see how one of my players interpreted our journey across Kakabad in pursuit of the Crown of Kings.


The Baklands



  1. How are these adventures? Do they follow the gamebooks or do they expand upon them? Also, do they succeed in being good adventures?

    1. Pretty good, but I'd say that they don't really expand on the gamebooks. That's not too bad a thing, but it is worth thinking about the way in which you can accommodate player freedom into the structure, and - and this is important - providing enough information to make meaningful the choices that the players make. In the gamebooks, learning this was part of the reply value, but in a tabletop campaign you need the players to know - or be able to find out - what are the possible consequences of their choices.

      I wrote up most of the sessions, together with other observations, here:

      You'll have to scroll down and go to 'older posts' until you get the the first session:

    2. Thanks! I've wanted to run a campaign based on Sorcery for a while, so this is all going to be useful.

    3. The Crown of Kings is now available as a pdf, too.