Wednesday 7 March 2012

Don't get too excited about this...

The Enemy Within returns (to WFRP3e).

Whatever it is, it won't be this (which doesn't mean that it won't be good).

h/t The Altdorf Correspondent

p.s. Has anyone (who likes WFRP1e) played WFRP3e? Is it as bad as it looks, or am I just being a grognard?


  1. My group has it and a number of supplements, but we've never played it. We did play a brief WFRP campaign, but we used the second edition.

  2. I haven't touched WFRP 3e. The buy-in cost alone puts me off, and it's full of cards and pieces and other table clutter. Does not appeal to the Von demographic.

  3. Yes, the buy-in cost. I'm pretty sure that you could get a WFRP1e rulebook and the whole Enemy Within Campaign for under £100. And if you didn't fancy Empire in Flames, and many don't, for much less than that.

  4. When I say 'could get', I'm not talking about the past - when you could get a good bag of sweets for 10p. I mean you *can* get that kind of WFRP1e bundle now, on eBay, in decent nick, if you wanted to.

  5. Now all I really want is a 10p mix from 1984!

  6. 2000AD was 20p in 1984, so comics and a good bag of sweets for 30p! Those days were so different from today, what with unmployment rising to an all time high...

    But we can recapture that early 1980s feeling - my contract runs out in September, so I'll likely have plenty of time to play Old School RPGs.